Valentino V Tips - Square Nail Tips

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Extra long C Curve Straight Square clear nail tips

  • Long Straight Square Shaped.
  • Designed with a clear half coverage tip. Perfect flexibility for easy cutting and customizable length. Nice holding color without separating or streaking. Making your nails fashionable and fresh.
  • Come with various sizes and perfect length.
  • Including 10 different sizes, pre numbered making it easy to mark and keeping track of, also gives you the option of cutting  down into your desired length. 
  • Practical application for Beginners and Pros, salon, DIY, acrylics and or gels. Easy to operate and trim.

Pieces: 400 Nail Tips (155C)

MATERIAL: (ABS) made out of plastic Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene a durable but flexible material that can be shaped into a smooth surface that resists yellowing